How To Fix Your Itchy Beard In One Simple Step

What Do You Do With Your Itchy Beard?

That beard itch is probably something all men can agree with. But why scratching his beard? And above all – how to get off this damn itchy beard ?! When the itch of his beard is actually the skin under the beard, the so-called bottom beard scratching and not the beard. This is one of the main reason people have patchy beards but what do you do for an itchy beard? For more information visit – Patchy Beard Problems? – Before and After Solution

Besides the terrible itch you might have noticed that you are dry during the beard, you have a dry beard bottom that may resemble dandruff in his beard. To be dry during the beard is the most common reason for the itch of his beard. A beardless face has the advantage of constantly maintained with cleaning, scrubbing, shaving and drying with a towel – factors that removes dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. If these skin cells are not removed they are built on and creates a dry surface – what you experience when you feel dry during the beard. Accessing the skin under the beard is not always easy, but it is absolutely worth the trouble, which also saves you from having an itchy beard.

Our top tips to get rid of an itchy beard:

– Wash your beard with a beard moisturizing shampoo daily. The most moisturizing  and Conditioning is Beard & Moustache Wash from Edwin Jagger, thanks to its content which cleans and moisturizes the beard without drying it out. When you wipe your beard with a towel, be sure to gently rub the skin under the beard to remove dead skin cells. If you have long or thick beard is a blow-dryer to recommend for washing and showering because the skin that is moist for longer becomes drier, which also means more itchy beard. Follow the link for other beard oil reviews.

– Brush the beard with a beard brush daily. We recommend you to invest in a brush size small to always have it handy, such as Travel Sized Beard Brush from the 1541 London. Do not forget to brush makes it easier to access the beard, which helps to remove dead skin cells that we know causes an itchy beard.

Beard Oil is a necessary evil for every bearded man. Remember that beard oil not only be applied to the beard but also on the skin under the beard, to moisturize the beard bottom and thus reduce the itch. Give your beard bottom of a massage with beards oil daily – it is not only comfortable, it also helps an itchy beard. Our favorite for this purpose is Ironhorse Beard Oil from Oil Can Grooming.

– The Catcher in the Rye when the beard itch is undoubtedly the stunning Beard Tonic from Beard Junk. This beard tonic comes with a spout (quite ingenious!) That makes it easy to apply it on the skin under the beard where it belongs. The ions in the tonic form a chemical reaction which gives a wonderful cooling effect and calms down both nerves and beard bottom. Massage into beard bottom and enjoy! To see if they carry it at a store near you visit – Beard Oil Walmart

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