Why Should SEO Experts Take Better Care of Their Health?

As a search engine optimization specialist, you probably think that your job doesn’t affect your health much. Unfortunately, statistics have shown that many SEO experts suffer from chronic tiredness, stress and back/shoulder/neck problems. The fatigue and the stress come from long working hours, constant deadlines and tension from having to deal with many responsibilities on your own. When it comes to back and shoulder problems, this happens because we tend to sit a lot while working. Stress and sitting all day is damaging our body both physically and mentally, and in this article, we want to raise awareness about this and show you how you can react in time and prevent this from happening.

The Dangers of Work-Related Stress

Every job has at some point caused us stress. However, people who are working in online marketing and management experience more stress than others.  You will experience stress and pressure when you need to meet a deadline or fulfill a challenging task. This is normal, but if work stress becomes chronic, it can overwhelm you and endanger your health.


A stressful work environment will eventually contribute to different health problems such as a headache, sleep disturbances, low concentration, nervousness, etc. If not treated in time, it will result in anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, weakened immune system and heart diseases. It can also endanger your emotional health, causing depression. If you noticed you have been eating a lot lately or started drinking and smoking more, it is likely you are doing this because you’re fighting with excessive stress. This is a very unhealthy way of dealing with stress and if you don’t change this soon, you might end up in an ambulance with paramedics trying to save your life. Stress is a silent killer, and you won’t know when it will come for you.

The Dangers of Sitting at Your Desk More than 6 Hours a Day

Apart from stress, sitting at your desk for too long is another factor that can severely affect your health. A sedentary lifestyle doesn’t go well with our nature, and it’s destructive to our well-being. A human body is meant to be mobile and active. If we continue to sit through the years, we will develop back/shoulder and neck problems, increase the risk of obesity, diabetes mellitus, and heart diseases.

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Fighting Work Stress and Too Much Sitting Problems at the Same Time

The best way to develop healthy responses to the mentioned problems is to start exercising (this is a great stress-buster), establish boundaries, take the time to recharge and learn how to relax without having the need to sit down.

To alleviate stress and prevent back and neck pain problems, you should work out more than 30 minutes a day. If you are already experiencing severe back and shoulder pain, you must visit a doctor. If you are from Seattle, we have a great shoulder pain seattle doctor to recommend you. Please visit the website of Dr. Schwartz to find out how can he come to your aid and relieve your pain.

 Shoulder Pain Treatment

A crucial thing about handling these problems is to establish clear boundaries – you mustn’t allow yourself to sit more than one hour. Make sure you always take a walk around the office and stretch your legs. Also, simply because we live in the digital era, you don’t have to be available for work 24/7. Establish some work-life boundaries and spend that time in an active vacation. Active relaxing means you should spend some quality time doing something that has benefits for your health. For example, you can stimulate your brain by playing chess or reading a good book. You can do yoga and meditate to explore your spiritual side. You can play a sport with your friends or explore your creativity by painting, drawing or just by making a good meal.

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