Steps To Improve Your SEO Health

Everything that you read on the internet today has its own public. And it is not a secret that writers know who is their targeted audience and what questions are bothering readers.

In order to be visible on Google, writers need to find the proper keywords which represent questions of the people who are trying to find the answers on Google. So, if you want to increase your SEO health you need to give them the answers to their questions.

Also in order to improve your SEO health, add some internal and external links to your post. Because more links that you have, you will be more visible on google and people who are asking certain questions will find the answers in your article.

Ellie Lord has written an amazing article about 5 simple experiments for improving your SEO health.

Rand Fishkin’s 5 Simple Experiments for Improving SEO Health

What do you do to get fit, lose weight or improve your overall health? You snack on fewer candies and munch a few more salads. Maybe even hit the gym. Then you cross your fingers and hope to reap the fruits of your labor.

Us marketers tend to adopt a similar approach when working towards our goals. When we want to optimize our content for search, we may “stuff in a few keywords” and “add some internal and external links” to our website.

Somewhere down the line, we expect to see our website creep up in Google. It may… but it may not. And with all the time we spend crafting thoughtful content to drive our business objectives, what’s the point if NO ONE FINDS IT?

The reality is that we — fitness fanatics, marketers, hell, human beings — assume we know what work is required to achieve our goals. But how can we be sure to get the results we want when our actions are based on what we think works rather than what we know works?

According to Rand Fishkin, co-founder of and self-proclaimed “Wizard of Moz,” the key to achieving results is to run experiments, track our work (not just our progress) and find out what helps get the results we want. And of course, reiterate on the work that brings success. Read the full artcile here.

Selena Lawson from Local Solutions has worked on this topic and she wrote some interesting suggestions for improving SEO health. She thinks that is really important to have an original content on the site and to make a site accessible to mobile devices.

Health Care SEO: 3 Ways to Elevate Your Health Care Organization

Health care SEO can be a little tricky. No one plans on getting the flu or spraining an ankle. When health care issues arise, users who turn to search engines to find out what to do (and where to go) are looking for information fast. Here are three ways that health care organizations can boost their search engine rankings and ensure that prospective patients can easily find them online.

Target Your Key Topics Effectively

When you’re thinking about key topics to use for health care SEO, it is vital to keep your audience in mind. What are your patients searching for? How are they wording those searches? Though marketers for a pediatric practice might be tempted to use key topics like “kids health” or “children’s doctor” in their SEO strategy, most parents searching for information about a local pediatrician are probably looking for practical information. Key topics such as “immunization schedule,” “childhood diseases” or “infant growth chart” will be helpful in guiding parents towards your practice. Read the full artcile here.

In the video above you can find a very detailed course for improving your SEO health. When it comes to human health instead of using keyword and writing original content you can use, for example, acupuncture to be fresh and more visible to the other people. AIM Wellness Clinic provides a wide range of services related to fertility, pregnancy, and wellness.

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