The Many Faces of Legal Aid Services

When it comes to the many different types of legal matters that may arise, it is no wonder that many legal aid services tend to specialize in one of two areas. This is to the advantage of the individual who is seeking legal counsel, as it can help one to be assured that the services rendered will be based on both competence and most likely a lot of experience with that type of legal matter. Here are just a few of the areas where you may find the legal service to be specialized.

Family law is one of the issues that touch most of us in one way or another. When it comes to legalities that touch on such matters as child custody and visitation rights by the non-custodial parent, issues of support on the part of the non-custodial parent, domestic violence, familial abuse, divorce, and adoption. Both counseling and representation may be provided if necessary.

Employment issues are something can strike at the very core of our ability to provide for self and for the immediate family. Services that provide legal aid may provide counsel and representation on such matters as making unemployment claims or disputing a rejected claim. The service may also address discrimination issues where there is a belief that an employer had discriminated on the basis of any factor that is considered by local law to be discriminatory, or instances where the party believes that harassment on the job has occurred.

When it comes to education, legal aid services may intervene when there is reason to believe that a suspension or expulsion was not conducted properly, or where there is something irregular in the processing of student loans. The service may also get involved when a student with that is defined as having special needs is not being provided with what is required to allow that child to learn to the best of his or her ability. Homeless children may also be provided access to an education through the intervention of a legal aid service.

Housing matters is another important aspect addressed by many legal aid services. These may include such issues as eviction, clarifying the rights of both the tenant and the owner, ensuring that leases are drafted within the laws governing housing in the jurisdiction, dealing with delinquent property taxes and often helping to forestall foreclosures. Housing impacts just about everyone, and as such is one of the areas of expertise that may be exercised by just about every aid service.

Legal aid services exist to help those who do not have an abundance of resources to devote to ongoing legal matters to still receive competent and timely legal counsel and representation, even if the individual cannot afford to pay for legal services. Check your local bar association for more information on aid services in your area.

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