50/50 Custody Schedules: Alternating Months In comparison To A 2-2-3

There are numerous distinct custody and visitation schedules available and my target is to enable you discover all you can about your selections. The alternating months and 2-2-3 schedules are solutions which tumble less than 50/50 joint physical custody. The two of these schedules have their professionals and drawbacks. The largest factor for you to take into account when picking a agenda is selecting the most effective a single for you, the other guardian, and primarily your little one.

Prerequisites for 50/50 joint actual physical custody:

50/50 joint bodily custody is a common alternative in modern courtroom procedure. They want to see that you and the other mother or father have the ability to make it function. Right here are a number of issues needed to make both of these schedules work:

-Mother and father ought to be ready to get together and perform together for the benefit of their kid

– Mothers and fathers want to dwell in close proximity to each other and the kid’s university

-Both mothers and fathers will need to have a steady residence atmosphere.

Alternating Months:

The alternating weeks program is very very simple and simple to utilize. Your child spends just one week with you and one 7 days at the property of the other father or mother.

The benefits of this agenda is that your baby has a lengthier period of time at just about every house which makes extra of a perception of belonging. They can very easily adhere to their regime and not have it interrupted to “modify residences”. Some children also obtain this schedule generates fewer stress and tension in their lives.

The greatest downfall with this program is earning absolutely sure your baby is outdated sufficient and emotionally capable to expend a total 7 days absent from the other dad or mum. To assist that months non-custodial mother or father and the little one, some family members will have a meal one particular night time a 7 days to stay connected.


The 2-2-3 plan is also extremely easy and effortless to adhere to. It is not as basic as the alternating months just due to the fact there are much more exchanges. Your youngster will spend two nights with you, two nights with the other father or mother, and the three weekend nights back again with you. The adhering to week the program is switched with the other mother or father having your baby the to start with and last of the 7 days.

The gains of this agenda is your boy or girl spends time with each and every dad or mum every 7 days. The timetable is uncomplicated once it will get heading. Also the weekends rotate concerning dad and mom in contrast to some other schedules.

The most significant factor to feel about with this timetable is will your child be in a position to handle all their tasks even though altering houses numerous moments a week? Consider about faculty, friends, and extra-curricular things to do. It can be confusing for each the dad and mom and the youngster to keep up on homework, tasks, and so forth. except they are all fully commited to communicating commonly.


It is also critical to notice the custody program is only a smaller component of your parenting program. I hugely advise you truly spend your time researching how to build a parenting strategy and all the distinctive resources out there to help you with these changes in your existence. Superior luck!

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