Authorized Assistant’s Corner: Be Awesome to Your Attorney’s Lawful Assistant

I can not rely the selection of times I’ve been the brunt of a client’s anger or irritation just to listen to that very same client interact totally respectfully to the attorney just 1 moment afterwards. We recognize that you are most likely likely via a person of the most tense and traumatic intervals of your everyday living even so, it doesn’t give you license to take care of us badly through the course of action.

When we are mistreated, we usually inform our attorney about it. Additional often than not, the attorney will observe the inadequate therapy and insist on solely interacting with you in the potential. If you never feel that is a “punishment”, then I advise you review the variances involving your attorney’s hourly price and their lawful assistant’s hourly rate. I have also witnessed lawyers firing purchasers around an interaction that was deemed specially heinous. Assumably, if you failed to want the attorney to continue being your lawyer then you would have fired him alternatively than the other way about.

Lawful assistants have prolonged memories and more electrical power to influence your case than you could give us credit score for. A several of the responsibilities we routinely manage in a client’s case are:

  • Keeping a situation organized and shifting alongside
  • Supplying the client with updates on their scenario
  • Drafting many of the pleadings and relevant correspondence
  • Submitting paperwork with the court
  • Disseminating facts about the scenario to these who have a require to know

Even though the bulk of authorized assistants is not going to enable a adverse conversation with a customer to critically affect any foreseeable future work on their case, it is really fairly prevalent for us to put “complicated” clients’ issues at the base of our to-do lists.

The Takeaway: Right before you start into an assault on your attorney’s authorized assistant, you should 1st consider how critical the earlier mentioned jobs are to you. Simply set: JUST BE Awesome.

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