What You Need to Know About Emsella Incontinence Treatment

As we continue to broaden our understanding and develop innovative solutions for a myriad of health conditions, one area that has seen significant progress is incontinence treatment. Emsella—a modern approach to addressing urinary incontinence—has been gaining traction for its non-invasive nature and impressive results. Here, we delve into the specifics of what Emsella is, how it works, its advantages, and who it could benefit most. https://northampton.dsmhealthyskin.com/

Before you pass it off as a mere trend, it’s vital to note that incontinence affects millions globally, with a majority being women. This makes finding effective, accessible treatments a top priority. Let’s uncover why Emsella might be a game-changer in the healthcare landscape.

Understanding Emsella: The Basics of the Treatment

Emsella is a revolutionary form of therapy for urinary incontinence. It’s designed to target the pelvic floor muscles—the very muscles responsible for supporting pelvic organs and controlling bladder and bowel functions. Unlike traditional treatments that may involve medication, invasive surgeries, or bulky Kegel exercises, Emsella utilises high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology.

The technology behind Emsella isn’t just the latest in a line of trendy tech; it’s supported by extensive research and clinical studies. Essentially, Emsella consists of a specially-designed chair that administers electromagnetic pulses to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles at a depth and intensity that regular exercises alone cannot achieve.

How Emsella Works

The effectiveness of Emsella lies in its ability to induce thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions in a single session. As the patient sits fully clothed on the Emsella chair, the device targets the muscles, replicating the action of the right type and amount of Kegel exercises that would otherwise be quite strenuous to perform manually.

Treatment Sessions

Normally, a course of Emsella involves at least six sessions over a three-week period, with each session taking about 30 minutes. The frequency and consistency of these treatment sessions are essential to seeing the best results.


The treatment is suitable for a wide age range and can be beneficial to both men and women. It isn’t specific to any one cause of incontinence, thus making it a versatile option for many who suffer from loss of bladder control.

The Emsella Experience: What to Expect

The overall experience with Emsella is quite comfortable and often even described as being pleasurable by patients. The device emits electromagnetic energy, and while this action is intense, it is not painful. Most patients experience the sensation as tingling in the pelvic region during treatment.


One of the significant advantages of Emsella is its non-invasive nature and safety record. It’s FDA cleared, which should alone be quite reassuring. And unlike some medications, which can have side effects, Emsella is not known to have any.


After completing the full regimen of treatments, many patients report a substantial reduction in incontinence episodes and an overall improvement in the control of their bladder. This can lead to a significant quality of life improvement.

The Advantages of Emsella Treatment

The appeal of Emsella lies not just in its efficacy but also in the multiple benefits it offers over other treatment methods.

Non-Invasive, Painless, and Quick

Emsella eliminates the need for surgery, the discomfort of invasive procedures, and the time-consuming nature of traditional exercises. Each session is as simple as sitting on a chair, making it a very patient-friendly option.

Broad Applicability

As mentioned earlier, Emsella is versatile. It can benefit a broad spectrum of individuals, including those who are not able to perform traditional exercises due to age or physical limitations.

Secondary Benefits for Menopause and Intimacy

Emsella’s effects extend beyond bladder function. It’s been observed to strengthen the pelvis generally, helping with symptoms related to menopause and even contributing to enhanced intimacy.

Who Could Benefit From Emsella Treatment?

It’s crucial to realize that while Emsella is a promising treatment, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Understanding who is most likely to experience the most benefit will be key for healthcare professionals and prospective patients.

Ideal Candidates

Those who experience stress, urge, or mixed incontinence and have not responded well to other treatments could find significant relief from Emsella. Ideal candidates are often women who have given birth or individuals dealing with age-related pelvic floor weakening.

Exclusion Criteria

Emsella may not be recommended for those with conditions or devices that may be affected by electromagnetic fields, such as cardiac pacemakers.


The introduction of Emsella into the realm of incontinence treatment has been met with enthusiastic reception, and it’s easy to see why. This forward-thinking approach to strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is proving to be a beacon of hope for many who have been living with the challenges of urinary incontinence.

For individuals seeking a modern, effective, and non-invasive treatment option, Emsella could be the answer. Consultation with a healthcare provider who’s knowledgeable about incontinence therapies is always the first step. But with its growing track record of success and safety, Emsella is poised to become an ever more popular choice for those looking to regain control and comfort in their lives.

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